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1 February
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Ok so about me....what to say? Well lets start out by saying I'm a Boi. F*** gender and all the roles that come with it lol.I wont ever fit a role not as a Homo not as a trannie and absolutely not as a hetero.Its just not in my system to fit in. If your not ok with that then don't send me a message.I can be a bit shy sometimes but I get over it fast. I think way to much for my own good sometimes (well most of the time). I have a way of living in my head but it helps me write and I do write alot. I love to go out with my friends and hit the clubs or a Rave I love them, so much fun, and then sit and have coffee and talk about life and what not. Dont try to classify me I dont consider my self punk, goth, prep, etc.... I love all the groups and I just am me and I dress how I like that's it. I can be pretty morbid at times and my sense of humor is a bit different but I'll love you forever if you get me. I'm completely obsessed with Anime, Manga, Slash, Yaoi, and Shonen-Ai. Especially all things RemusxSirius and EdxRoy ( Fullemtal Alchemist), KakashiXIruka and SephirothxZackxCloud, thats the main reason for me getting a live-journal so I could post my Fanfics and have people read and review them. I'm always looking for some help in improving my writing.